Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Thoughts on the GOP Presidential Candidates

  • Romney: What will taxpayers end up spending to add bedrooms and Secret Service details for all of these "sister wives?"  Also anyone who has spent more than 48 hours in Massachusetts without a good excuse is too liberal for Right Thinking America.
  • Santorum:  Lots of good ideas on the most important issues facing America (contraception, teenage abstinence, bombing other countries.)  But has he given any assurances that he will NEVER put American troops under the command of the Swiss Guard???
  • Gingrich: Too intellectual. I know the Bible and the Constitution give America a God-given right to conquer the Earth. But where does either say anything about other planets? 
  • Paul: Too crazy. Legalizing pot sounds like an idea he borrowed from Dutch socialists. What's next? Establishing a constitutional monarchy, building windmills and growing tulips?

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