Friday, April 6, 2012

Speeding America's Moral Decline: Anti Bully Laws

If there's a sign that America is turning into a fascist, socialist wonderland, it's the prevalence of "anti bullying laws" being adopted across our country. If anti-bullying laws had been in place in 1776, I believe we would be sitting for afternoon tea on Saturday afternoon instead of watching the Barrett-Jackson Car Auctions on Speed Channel. America was founded by bullies like Paul Revere, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson - all of whom liked nothing more than going out at night, putting down a few of Sam Adams' best and then wandering the dark alleys of Boston or Philadelphia physically and verbally abusing any lobster-backs they could find (as long as they were smaller than  they were, alone and unarmed - a key thing to remember when you select a victim to bully.)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I have turned on anonymous comments on the blog again - after tens of thousands of requests from readers. On liberal blogs people happily post potty mouthed comments without the fear of Homeland Security stormtroopers barging into their homes or compounds at night. Conservatives will enjoy this freedom when President Palin takes office.  Under the Palin Administration we will be a free country again and it will be liberals who are hunted down like dogs.

Rules for comments are simple:

  1. Don't post anything you wouldn't say in Church
  2. Only comments that agree with poster or constructive criticism is acceptable
  3. No foreigners allowed. (this includes Canada, Mexico and California)
  4. The official language of Right Thinking America is ENGLISH. Morse code is acceptable for coded messages.
  5. No liberals
  6. No democrats

It's That Time of Year Again...

For you to schedule service on your home's coal burning power station. A tune up insures maximum output to keep all of your giant screen flat panel televisions playing Fox News in vibrant color in every room of your house as well as your bomb shelter.

Don't have your own fossil fuel power plant? This may be the year to look into it, as long as you have a railroad siding on or near your property. In addition to low cost of ownership compared to other means of generating electricity (gasoline, diesel, etc) you'll love the look on your liberal neighbors faces when they drive over to your compound  to complain about the acid rain ruining the paint on their Prius.

Sigh of Relief: Romney Wins Set Up for Palin Candidacy

You've heard the joke. A liberal, a moderate and a conservative walk into a bar. And the bartender says "Hey Mitt, what the hell are you doing hanging around with a moderate and a conservative?"

Small "varmint" hunter Romney's only conservative credential that I am aware of is that as Governor of Massachusetts he avoided drinking himself into a stupor and driving off a bridge at night. Other than that, Mitt was a big spending supporter of taking away your guns and giving you asparagus sticks in return.

Yes, the idea of Mitt Romney as the Republican Presidential Candidate is laughable. But relax, Right Thinking America, it's all part of the plan.

What Romney is doing is running interference for the winning GOP candidate, our own Sarah Palin. Party elders in their infinite wisdom decided that this would be better than putting Palin through the inconvenience of a primary where her every word would be analyzed by the "lamestream" media.

Yes, Mitt spent $20-30 million dollars of his own money on what amounts to a vanity campaign, but to you and I, this is sort of like splurging on new seatcovers for the F350. Romney will be handsomely rewarded for his loyalty to the party - perhaps he'll be allowed to run the London Olympics?  Those Limeys owe us one for letting them get in on both Gulf Wars.

Any day now, I predict that Romney, Santorum and Gingrich will convene a press conference to turn their delegates over to Palin - yes ALL of them, Katie!

Boost Your Carbon Footprint and Boast About It!

Here's a great new "app" for those of you carrying around one of the new "Smartphones" (be sure you turn off all wireless data services, bluetooth, GPS and just to be safe, the phone itself whenever you're out of your home to avoid the possibility of FEMA agents tracking your whereabouts. It's not a bad idea to keep the phone off at home as well, especially if you hear the hum of drones over your house at night.)

Called, "oPower" it is intended to allow REAL Americans to automatically post their energy usage to their Facebook page, allowing for some freindly competition over who in the neighborhood REALLY has the biggest carbon footprint. In your face Al Gore!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Good News: America's Weight Loss Crisis is Easing

Despite unconstitutional attempts to force Americans to eat broccoli and other vegetables, it appears as if The First Lady's sixth column plot to turn our country into a nation of skinny weaklings is failing. America needs a well fed Army to conquer it's foreign foes and secure our natural resources, the ones that God playfully buried in other countries.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Democrat Conspiracy: $100/gal Gas!

This is a gas pump in Germany. They all sell Diesel in case the Russian Army decides to invade and needs to top-off their tanks on the way to Paris. It's some kind of crazy German law, I believe.

Pretty good prices you say?  Well $1.40/gallon for Benzine is cheap and it comes in handy for cleaning your gun collection, although I probably don't go through more than a gallon every four to five years.  But $1.40/gallon for Super seems like a downright steal!

But wait a minute!  Those are euros per liter!  To get gallons you need to take your liters, double them and add 32 - in other words,  34.40 Euros per gallon. Converting your Euros to Dollars you double again and add 32 (Euro is a metric currency) and get $100.80 per gallon!!!  No wonder they don't even bother to sell Regular.

This is the future that the Democrat Party wants for America: $100/gallon gas - disguised as lower prices thanks to the confusing Euro-Facist Metric System. Where does it leave you and your F350 Dually? Parked at the Amtrak station!

America Must Stand Strong Against the Metric System

If any map was capable of explaining the peril that the American way of life is in - it's this one. The "Al Gore Green" countries use the Metric System, while the pink countries do not. The Metric System was invented and is commonly used by the same "scientists" who are now attempting to foist the twin hoaxes of global warming and evolution on our nation. Shockingly, you will note that all the countries using metric are Totalitarian or Socialist states, while all the countries using the English system are freedom loving nations (with the exception of Burma and Liberia).

Hitler. Stalin. Lenin. Castro. Osama Bin Laden. What do they have in common? They were ALL born and raised in countries that used the Metric System. Coincidence? Not likely when virtually every foreign enemy of the United States measures their explosives in kilograms and their bile for America in litres.

The Metric scourge has even reached the shores of Antarctica, which in this writer's opinion is surely a violation of some sort of International Treaty or another. Creeping metrification is at work in America today - in our schools where amazingly the metric system is taught along side our God given and Constitutionally approved English System. That's right - the European Metric System: yes. School prayer: no.

Unfortunately the Metric System is sure to get a boost from the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama, who undoubtedly wants to be able to order his fancy foreign vegetables using the measurement system of his native Kenya. But surprisingly, a Mitt Romney election puts us in even deeper peril as the rogue state of Utah actually attempted to institute the Metric System at the same time as it swept polygamy under the table, possibly as some sort of  kinky "quid pro quo".

What can you do?  Show up at your local school board meetings and demand that the Metric System be removed from the curriculum. Buy your soda in 12 oz. cans and boycot those 1 liter bottles. Make a mental note of people who let metric measurements slip into ordinary conversation. Around here it's as much of a red flag as a male coworker telling you he has to rush home to set the TiVo to record "Glee!".

Be alert!

FEMA Death Trains

What's the difference between FEMA Death Trains and Obama's Birth Certificate? FEMA Death Trains are on YouTube, which makes them real. Obviously these trains will be used by UN armies when the Second Amendment is revoked (January 23rd, 2013) - assuming the earth is still around.

Ignore the comments on the YouTube page, which "appear" to be "helpful railroad enthusiasts" attempting to explain away the death train as new automobile carriers. In fact, these are FEMA operatives and Trilateral Commission agents attempting to confuse patriots like you and me.