Monday, April 2, 2012

Democrat Conspiracy: $100/gal Gas!

This is a gas pump in Germany. They all sell Diesel in case the Russian Army decides to invade and needs to top-off their tanks on the way to Paris. It's some kind of crazy German law, I believe.

Pretty good prices you say?  Well $1.40/gallon for Benzine is cheap and it comes in handy for cleaning your gun collection, although I probably don't go through more than a gallon every four to five years.  But $1.40/gallon for Super seems like a downright steal!

But wait a minute!  Those are euros per liter!  To get gallons you need to take your liters, double them and add 32 - in other words,  34.40 Euros per gallon. Converting your Euros to Dollars you double again and add 32 (Euro is a metric currency) and get $100.80 per gallon!!!  No wonder they don't even bother to sell Regular.

This is the future that the Democrat Party wants for America: $100/gallon gas - disguised as lower prices thanks to the confusing Euro-Facist Metric System. Where does it leave you and your F350 Dually? Parked at the Amtrak station!

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