Friday, April 6, 2012

Speeding America's Moral Decline: Anti Bully Laws

If there's a sign that America is turning into a fascist, socialist wonderland, it's the prevalence of "anti bullying laws" being adopted across our country. If anti-bullying laws had been in place in 1776, I believe we would be sitting for afternoon tea on Saturday afternoon instead of watching the Barrett-Jackson Car Auctions on Speed Channel. America was founded by bullies like Paul Revere, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson - all of whom liked nothing more than going out at night, putting down a few of Sam Adams' best and then wandering the dark alleys of Boston or Philadelphia physically and verbally abusing any lobster-backs they could find (as long as they were smaller than  they were, alone and unarmed - a key thing to remember when you select a victim to bully.)

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