Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I have turned on anonymous comments on the blog again - after tens of thousands of requests from readers. On liberal blogs people happily post potty mouthed comments without the fear of Homeland Security stormtroopers barging into their homes or compounds at night. Conservatives will enjoy this freedom when President Palin takes office.  Under the Palin Administration we will be a free country again and it will be liberals who are hunted down like dogs.

Rules for comments are simple:

  1. Don't post anything you wouldn't say in Church
  2. Only comments that agree with poster or constructive criticism is acceptable
  3. No foreigners allowed. (this includes Canada, Mexico and California)
  4. The official language of Right Thinking America is ENGLISH. Morse code is acceptable for coded messages.
  5. No liberals
  6. No democrats

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Note this is America and that only conservative, supportive comments that agree with the blogger are permitted. No foreigners posting please.