Monday, April 2, 2012

America Must Stand Strong Against the Metric System

If any map was capable of explaining the peril that the American way of life is in - it's this one. The "Al Gore Green" countries use the Metric System, while the pink countries do not. The Metric System was invented and is commonly used by the same "scientists" who are now attempting to foist the twin hoaxes of global warming and evolution on our nation. Shockingly, you will note that all the countries using metric are Totalitarian or Socialist states, while all the countries using the English system are freedom loving nations (with the exception of Burma and Liberia).

Hitler. Stalin. Lenin. Castro. Osama Bin Laden. What do they have in common? They were ALL born and raised in countries that used the Metric System. Coincidence? Not likely when virtually every foreign enemy of the United States measures their explosives in kilograms and their bile for America in litres.

The Metric scourge has even reached the shores of Antarctica, which in this writer's opinion is surely a violation of some sort of International Treaty or another. Creeping metrification is at work in America today - in our schools where amazingly the metric system is taught along side our God given and Constitutionally approved English System. That's right - the European Metric System: yes. School prayer: no.

Unfortunately the Metric System is sure to get a boost from the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama, who undoubtedly wants to be able to order his fancy foreign vegetables using the measurement system of his native Kenya. But surprisingly, a Mitt Romney election puts us in even deeper peril as the rogue state of Utah actually attempted to institute the Metric System at the same time as it swept polygamy under the table, possibly as some sort of  kinky "quid pro quo".

What can you do?  Show up at your local school board meetings and demand that the Metric System be removed from the curriculum. Buy your soda in 12 oz. cans and boycot those 1 liter bottles. Make a mental note of people who let metric measurements slip into ordinary conversation. Around here it's as much of a red flag as a male coworker telling you he has to rush home to set the TiVo to record "Glee!".

Be alert!


  1. Good to see that the credit for the correct measures is the "English system", shame about the misspelling of "litre".

  2. Thanks for the correction, and yes, it should of course be called the "American System". Hopefully President Palin will fix this when the Gulf of Mexico is renamed "The Gulf of America" next year.

  3. We should increase our export of American Made products in other countries. This help our economy and increase our education. We should go metric and the US customary units are from British imperial which are from the kings foot. Also Imperial units devolped outside England from Germany and rest of Europe. Our military uses Metric which is and I serve for 10 years and Im proud to serve this country.So the Metric system is American.

  4. I fully agree with the comment above. We are not apart of England any more. We should not use the royal british units. When I was building missionaries in other countries we build a chruch with meters. Acutally you are right because Thomas Jefferson and in the 1800s America has sign the treaty of the metric and I have no problem with the US going metric. George HW Bush made the goverment use it and he supported it.Congress has the power to set weights and we were suppose to go metric because English kept bringing it here.

  5. Perhaps you did not read the rules for this blog, since no criticism of ideas here are allowed. I guess you must be some sort of communist?

  6. To fellow Americans who oppose metric, you do know the American Military uses metric right? What do you have against the military using metric? If you’re not with us then you must be against us. Why do you hate our troops? If you are opposed to metric you must hate our troops…how unpatriotic! Why do you hate America so much? True patriots love metric. Get on board with true American patriots and push for metrication of the USA!


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