Sunday, July 29, 2012

Some Things for Mitt To Say in Israel To Break the Ice

Just the right height.
Ok, we've all heard about Mitt Romney's troubles in London.  This is why I've said for months that Sarah Palin, with her extensive international experience would be a better choice for the Presidency. In addition to running the Iditarod and negotiating pipelines with the Yukon Territory, Palin knew the real threat from Russia everytime she looked off her porch.

But Romney is the presumptive winner now, so we need to get behind him. Here are some phrases he can use with his host to show his stuff as a President:

  • I was almost sure Ann was Jewish after the first year we were married. All she knew how to make were reservations.
  • This wailing wall is JUST the right height!
  • I'm going to put a bust of  Benjamin Disraeli in the Oval Office
  • Unlike Obama, I'll be a strong leader!  Just call me anytime and tell me whatever you want me to say or do and I'll drop everything and take care of it!!
  • I don't know any Jews personally, but I'm sure I've baptized some.
  • It's obvious that the Obama economy has had a negative impact here. A lot of you look like you haven't be able to afford a shave in years.
  • I see you splurged on these baseball caps without brims. 
  • I could use a ham sandwich and some chocolate milk! Better yet, anyplace around here have some nice lobsters or fried clams?

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