Thursday, August 2, 2012

Reliable Source: Obama Almost Blew Bin Laden Raid

A highly credible, but anonymous source with close ties to the White House, who overheard part of a conversation between two Middle Eastern men having an argument in Arabic sign language has made a startling accusation of President Barack Hussain Nobama. In the hours leading up to the SEAL raid on Bin Laden's Pakistan hideout, the President and his team made no less than 23 prank phone calls to Osama.  "Half of these were Biden", who woke up Bin Laden 10 times telling him it was Amtrak and his Acela reservation was cancelled because his credit card was invalid.  Then Hillary Clinton, using an Indian accent almost convinced Bin Laden to switch his long distance service to AT&T.  The source says Bin Laden almost took the offer, but was concerned since it included cellphone service which he didn't use.

Finally Obama himself joined in on the fun with 'knock knock jokes':

Obama: Knock, knock
Bin Laden:  Who's there?
Obama: Ka
Bin Laden:  Ka who???
Obama:  Ka Boom!
Bin Laden:  For the love of Allah, please stop these calls, I need some sleep!

Obama also reportedly ordered the SEALS to identify themselves as Jehova's Witnesses when they stormed the compound.

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