Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Obama Conspiracy to Cancel Republican Convention!

It's already an established fact that President Obama ordered the National Weather Service to make up a hurricane in order to disrupt the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. Of course the Republican bosses played into his hands by locating their convention right on Main Street in Hurricane City, USA at the peak of hurricane season.  Not a smart move - and proof again that Sarah Palin's idea to hold the convention in Coldfoot, Alaska along with the Iditarod Dogsled Race may have been a better choice.

Well all well and good - except this is not good enough for Nobama! He is now ordering the National Bureau of Standards to set the National Atomic Clock three days AHEAD. That's right tomorrow morning we will all wake up and it will be FRIDAY and everyone will be wondering "I guess I forgot to turn on the Republican Convention last night"  and  "What exactly was that surprise from Donald Trump?  I guess I must have gone into the kitchen to get another bag of Cheese Doodles when that came on." 

Delegates and party officials will be interviewed by the lamestream media - but they will be so embarrassed by the fact that they can't remember anything that happened they will just go into their full spin mode, "I think Mitt Romney knocked it out of the park last night" and "Wasn't Ann Romney an inspiration when she rode up to the podium on Rafalca."

Wake up sheeple!  And keep your eyes peeled to your clocks!!!!


  1. You must be really good at this if Wonkette people can not even know that your blog is definitely the best snark around. ahh well.good read for me :)

  2. Thank you sir, for your words of support. Be sure you spread the word of this blog to your tea party action group or your militia members.


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