Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Science Lesson for Today

Congressman Todd Akin has gotten himself into a heap of trouble with feminists and other troublemakers over his recent well thought out explanation of the science of reproduction. Now, I'm not going to get into a discussion of  lady parts - I'll leave that to the experts at reputable news organizations like Fox &  Friends or the Playboy "Advisor" column. But I do want to offer some further evidence to support the Congressman's claim regarding the miracle of women's brains and their God-designed bodily fluid secretions.

For example, no matter how many times I attempt to pull the mattress covers onto my bed - I always end up with one end coming loose.  I have been amazed at how womenfolk are able to accomplish this feat in one simple, seemingly magic step. I understand that this is the result of the same type of specialized brain secretions that Akin is referring to.

Another example is their love for cats. I personally cannot imagine how anyone would permit one of these devious, Arabian originated pint sized Islamic terror creatures into one's house. But the lady folk go all googly eyed when they see a cute one, especially if it has kittens. That's all because of those very same brain fluids.

So before you go doubting Congressman Akin - go up to your bedroom and try to put the covers on your mattress without a female to help you. If you can do it - then go back down stairs and turn up the volume on your Barbara Streisand album and stop reading this blog!

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